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The Story Unfolds

by Microbe

Motaph 05:42
Murder 05:56
Remark 06:39
Black Widow 06:35
Firing Squad 06:43
Rasta Rise 05:43
Transmitter 06:21
Withstanding 05:14


#declassified #dark #jungle

Produced and recorded over 15 years ago, this masterpiece of jungle music comes straight out of 6Blocc's top secret vaults of breaks n bass. I've had Microbes tracks on 5 differerent cd's since they gave them to me ! I've always considered them ahead of their time and so I kept them safe along with other classic jungle / dnb recordings.

Microbe is the pairing of jungle technicians Nathan L. Samuels and Steve Haralson out of Southern California. Their sound is dark with deep rumbling basslines, cut up jungle breaks, long atmospheric intros, dope vocal samples and an overall timeless jungle style that I feel people are ready for. They take their time with each song taking the listener on a different voyage every time. We hope you enjoy this trip back in time from this talented California dark drum n bass production duo.

Titles / descriptions:
1 - 420 Day Special
Classic jungle vibes from the beginning of this easy jungle roller. Cool flute-like atmospheres blend into wolf howls and then the break with Method Man samples "this goes out...." and "you know my steeezo".
When the sub bass drops it goes into full ragga mode "ya said me neva did a warn ya..oh lawd mi tell ya" and later in the tune Jigsy's "gimme de weed" PULLLLUPPP

2 - A Time and a Place
Once again, a hypnotizing introduction section with jungle bird samples (can't go wrong with birds in the intro) leads into a sub bass / dred bass combo and from there your mind gets taken into the darker side of the abyss. Another classic rollin' jungle production from Microbe.

3 - Motaph
In this tune Microbe kicks up the tempo, distorts the bass and cuts the breaks the fuck up. The drop is definite HAUL AND PULL DATT type of vibes and the sound is that gritty warehouse fuck you sound; a sound that is hard to find these days in jungle music. Things only get more twisted as the song develops.

4 - Murder
Dark strings set of the style for this tune with Method Man vocals kickin' in on the drop. Rollin' breaks and a steady LFO sub bassline keep things flowing down the dark jungle path. Another sonic voyage through the sound of Microbe.

5 - Remark
Old school jungle intro with deadly haunted strings dives head first into some dirty jungle breaks and a catchy bassline that def deserves the REWIND. Ragga vocals echo out over several tuff junglist breaks.
Wait for the conga breakdown before the second drop...Maaad!

6 - Spooky reverb heavy sounds and grungy dnb breaks get chopped and diced with "I wanna get blunted my brotha" sprinkled on top for good measure. Gun shot breakdown and....
multi-layered amen breaks / ragga vocals / rumblin subs / fx
classic jungle bizniz right here from the Cali duo. Once and a while you'll hear Dr. Dre "kick it"

7 - Black Widow
True to Microbe's signature style, dark twisted sounds layered over each other movie-like lead into some true dark vibes. I feel sorry for you if you're on LSD..hahahaha. Deep subs take their time under a tuff rollin' dnb break.
"The female black widow eats the male..." sample kicks in and you know you're in trouble. The breakdown heading into the second drop is DEADLY. Perfect dark jungle in this one from Microbe where they even throw in that classic laughing sub bass wobble, you know the one ;)

8 - Firing Squad
Dark atmospherics and ragga vocals introduces you to another ride through the Microbe darkside. Heavy militant drums on this one with a hard step feel keep things stompin' while "yeah rude bwoy" takes over the message of this track. Wait until the end of the song to hear the twisted breaks as they get pitched down to bits.

9 - Rasta Rise
Mind bending bells and rasta man samples overlaid with jungle animals / sounds = perfect conditions for a jungle roller. Easy subs and roots samples take things deeper with a dubbed out breakdown and main drop. Summertime business on this one from these talented producers. I can't believe they made this in the early 2000's.

10 - Transmitter
Warped out synths and tight dnb breaks start things off and you already know the deal, DARKSIDE. Cut up dirty jungle breaks join the party and all of a sudden Cypress Hill is in the house- "Hits from the bong"
Microbe does it once again! As usual with this group's production, waiti until the end of the song, don't mix out until it's done! hahaa

11 - Withstanding
Disturbing guitar-like echoing sounds collide into the main drop with more tuff jungle breaks and ez rollin' sublines. Ragga vocals take over the show though and take the listener through the jungle. From there things just get more intense with light cut ups on the drums and bass edits for those who truly listen to the music.

12 - You Want Some
Strange panning sounds kick this one off as smooth jungle strings
let you know things are gonna be alright. Classic jungle breaks introduce another masterpiece by Microbe. "All the junglist..." "Big up muss big up" and other samples through out You Want Some keep the vibrations ragga while the drums are dark and nasty. A perfect blend of the two sounds of jungle.

13 - The Story Unfolds
The title of this album is The Story Unfolds and I couldn't think of a better tune to end off this story of an album with. 808 drums in the intro sit under a bed of filtered down jungle synths and with dubbed out fx you know it's gonna be good. Tastefully splattered vocals keep your mind listening as waves of synths wash over it and relax the listener.
The drop comes in with that long forgotten intelligent jungle style heard on labels like IQ or Good Lookin' back in the day. But since this is Microbe they kick tings up a notch with break switch ups!
Big up to this duo for allowing me to release what I feel is one of the best kept secrets of the West Coast jungle history. I kept these cds all these years for a reason and I knew I would play them one day and so I'm sharing them with you now. Hope you enjoy them as I feel during these dark times of war and negativity let this album clear all that out at least momentarily. Turn off the lights turn up the sound and get lost in the sound of Microbe. True jungle music from the origin.


released April 18, 2017

Equipment Used: Yamaha RS7000, Roland JP-8000, Korg Triton, Plus lots of old hardware effects processors and software like Cubase, Acid and Rebirth


all rights reserved



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