Vintage Sound Clash 2

by 6Blocc



More vocals and sound effects you can use in your music production or mixtapes to give them that hype sound of today!
Vintage Sound Clash 2 comes with over 200 samples taken from three different classic soundclash tapes and recordings.

"afriad of no sound"
"alright 1 - 5"
"alright people"
"ayy 1-3"
"bad 1-3"
"bad man"
"bad mind"
"big and serious"
"big chuune"
big explosion fx 1-2
"big sound"
"big up 1-3"
bleeps fx
blips fx 1-2
"bloodclot 1-7"
"dub fi dub"
"dubplate 1-2"
echo blip fx
"fiyah 1-2"
"for real"
gong fx
"gun finga"
"gun inna de air"
gun shot air horn fx 1-3
"gun shot"
"hear me now 1-2"
"hear wha"
high blips fx
"kill a sound like this"
"kill dat chuune"
"kill de bwoy dem 1-2"
"kill dem"
"kill sound fi sure"
"kill sound"
"killa sound"
"killing time"
"listen me"
machine gun fx
"mad 1-2"
"make some fuckin' noise"
"man a bad man"
"murdering sound"
"nah ramp"
"no sound"
"play a chuune 1-3"
"play that sound"
pull up fx 1-3
"pull up 1-2"
pull up fx with crowd
"put your hand inna de air"
quick rewind fx
"ready 1-2"
reverse blip fx
rewind fx 1-5
rewind with blips fx
"right now 1-2"
"run dem out"
"so right now"
"sound clash 1-2"
"sound killa"
"stop it"
"this ah dubplate now"
"this is a war"
"uno dead"
"wallan 1-2"
"we dont give a fuck"
"ya understand 1-3"
"yo 1-10"

"big request 1-2"
bleep shot fx
blip fx 1-2
"come again"
"come in"
digi gun fx
dog bark
"easy man"
"hold tight"
"let off"
"must have respect"
"now dreadlocks"
"nuff respect yout"
"original business"
"peeii peeii"
"pull up pull up"
rewind fx
"seen 1-3"
"set speed"
"wheel and pull"
"wheel wheel 1-2"
"yeah man 1-3"

"big up de general"
"big up unno self 1-2"
"big up"
"bumboclot 1-2"
"dead already"
"dead now"
"drop it"
"ease up"
"hand inna de air"
"hear dis"
"hear me"
"hear that tune"
"hear wha gwaan"
"hold on 1-2"
"kill sound"
"listen 1-2"
"people listen"
"pull up 1-2"
"pussy ah go dead"
"rasclot 1-2"
rewind 1-5 fx
rewind wheel fx
"selassie I Jah"
"selassie I"
"well hear dis"
"wha gwaan"
"whaalan now 1-2"
"ya understand"
"yo 1-3"


released July 27, 2016




6Blocc Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles OG

8 / 12 - LA
8 / 25 - LA
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9 / 22 - DESERT
10 / 8 - LA

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